Training to Achieve Excellence

Lifelong learning is no longer a matter of choice. It is critical to achieving and maintaining work/life balance in today’s multi-tasking, get-it-done yesterday business environment. Norman Consulting, a Washington, DC area based professional development company, is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve new and improved levels of competence and excellence.

We know that following your “road to success” requires planning, preparation, and effective execution. Our highly interactive courses maximize adult learning through individual, partner, small group, and large group activities because we believe people remember what they do, not what they’re told to do! Whether you need one-on-one coaching, short term or long term solutions to employee and management performance issues, Norman Consulting services can help.

Consulting and Training Services

  • On-Site Training

  • Employee & Management Development

  • Executive Coaching

  • Retreat Facilitation

Serving Government Agency and Private Industry Clients

Government Agency

Norman Consulting provides proven solutions to a variety of agency-related issues. We understand how enhancing employee skills improves efficiency and productivity. Norman Consulting has been a government professional development partner since Y2000. To view our current list of government clients, click here...

Private Industry

We provide small and large companies with performance improvement courses that promote a LEARN-CHANGE-GROW philosophy. We emphasize giving participants practical, hands-on learning experiences that can be applied immediately in the real world. To view our current list of corporate clients, click here...